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4-Day Comprehensive Eyelash Extensions Training Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the captivating world of eyelash extensions with our intensive 4-day training course. Designed for both beginners and experienced beauty professionals, this course will empower you with the skills and techniques needed to master Classic Eyelash Extensions, YY lashes, and the alluring Wet Look style. Led by seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience, this immersive training promises to elevate your expertise and open new doors in the beauty industry.

Course Overview:

Day 1: Classic Eyelash Extensions Mastery
Dive into the fundamentals of Classic Eyelash Extensions, the foundation upon which all other styles are built. Learn the art of enhancing natural lashes with precision and elegance. Our expert trainers will guide you through:

  • Anatomy of the eye and eyelashes
  • Different lash types, lengths, and curls
  • Proper sanitation and hygiene practises
  • Lash mapping and design principles
  • Application techniques for seamless integration
  • Effective bonding and adhesive usage
  • Client consultation and aftercare guidance

Day 2: YY Lashes Techniques
Elevate your skill set by delving into the realm of YY lashes, a trendsetting style known for its captivating volume and texture. In this module, you'll explore:

  • In-depth understanding of YY lashes and their unique characteristics
  • Volume fan creation and placement
  • Layering techniques for dimension
  • Mixing curl types for a customised look
  • Advanced adhesive selection and retention strategies
  • Troubleshooting and managing client expectations

Day 3: Wet Look Eyelash Extensions
Unleash your creativity with the mesmerising Wet Look style, designed to give lashes a glossy, high-fashion finish. Throughout this module, you'll discover:

  • Creating a wet appearance with specialised lash coatings
  • Appropriate styling for various eye shapes and client preferences
  • Seamless Wet Look with Classic and YY lashes
  • Preparing clients for Wet Look extensions
  • Maintaining and refreshing the glossy effect
  • Marketing and promoting this alluring style

Day 4: Hands-On Practise and Certification
Put your newfound knowledge into practise during a comprehensive hands-on session. Work closely with live models under the guidance of our trainers to perfect your lash extension techniques across all styles. Gain valuable feedback and refine your skills in a supportive environment. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification recognising your expertise in Classic, YY, and Wet Look eyelash extensions.

Why Choose Our Training:

  • High Student Success Rates: Graduates excel in the lash industry.
  • Expert Lash Professionals: Guided by experienced mentors
  • Personalised Attention: Small classes for tailored learning
  • Leading Techniques: Stay ahead with cutting-edge insights.
  • Hands-On Experience: Extensive practise on live models
  • Rich Resources: Access comprehensive materials.
  • Lasting Support: Post-training assistance and Networking


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OUR GUARANTEE - lifetime support so if you need a helping hand even after the course we're always here.