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Duration: 1 Hour

"Fail to plan? Plan to Fail."

In the world of lash entrepreneurship, strategic planning is your compass to success. Join our Mentorship Program for a one-hour call with our industry expert. Gain insights and strategies to overcome challenges and accelerate your journey.


Social Media Mastery: Create captivating content on platforms like Instagram.

  • Irresistible Captions: Craft engaging captions for client engagement.
  • Picture Perfect Photography: Enhance online presence with photography tips.
  • Strategic Price Increase: Confidently raise prices while adding value.
  • Expand Client Base: Innovate to attract and retain clients.
  • Google SEO Demystified: Boost online visibility for easy client discovery.
  • Lash Expertise: Hone lash skills and trends knowledge.


Learn from our experienced mentor. Propel your lash business forward. Enroll now and unlock your business potential!